The continuous ageing of the population of buildings and infrastructures creates an increasing need in civil engineering society for the development of methodologies and tools for the efficient monitoring of these structures to ascertain that they are still safe and capable of withstanding various environmental effects (e.g. corrosion) and potentially catastrophic events (e.g.earthquakes).


The main aims of the PPREM_ISES project are:

- To enable more effective use of health monitoring of structures and infrastructure in order to improve the assessment of structural performance through a novel methodology. This will enable management agencies to provide better services to the citizens including reduced disruption and environment impact, improved safety and serviceability and lower costs.

- To collect data on representative structural systems (building and bridge),using wireless sensor network (WSN) technology for monitoring, and develop a novel methodology for combining and incorporating them effectively in a performance prediction model.

- To develop a computer program that will provide an effective decision making tool for the practical application of the methodology including use of monitored data and implementation of the performance prediction model methodology.

About us

The research group infrastructure2: maintenance, monitoring, reliability and optimisation, comprises the following areas of international research strength:

- Monitoring based maintenance
- Structural health monitoring
- Corrosion of infrastructure (reinforced concrete structures)
- Performance, durability and reliability of structural members
- Structural reliability and risk assessment
- Life-cycle cost optimisation for maintenance of deteriorating infrastructure
- Sustainability issues for structures



Cyprus University of Technology - Coordinator Institution

- Dr Elia A. Tantele - PPREM_ISES Coordinator
- Prof. Toula Onoufriou
- Dr Renos A. Votsis
- Prof. Anne Kiremidjian (IR-Independent Researcher)

The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), the coordinator institution, is a newly established state university in Cyprus which aims to provide teaching and research of the highest international standard. The research at CUT has already attracted considerable external funding from government, EU and industrial sources, i.e. the SmartEN ITN which is led by Professor Toula Onoufriou. The Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics (CEG) has established the Cyprus Infrastructure Reliability and Management centre (CIRMAC) which is active in the areas of proactive infrastructure management and non destructive evaluation. Furthermore, the Department of CEG has already established strong national and international collaborations and interactions with academia, industry and government which further enhances its research activities.


Ministry of Communicationand Works (MCW)- Public Work Department

The Ministry of Communication and Works (MCW), will provide the knowledge and engineering expertise about the structure/infrastructures management in Cyprus. The mission of the MCW is the provision of in road safety with a sufficient road network, modernized buildings, up to-date airports and ports, and the promotion of our culture and heritage.


SignalGeneriX Ltd

- Prof. Antonios Constantinides
- Mr Marios. Millis

SignalGeneriX Ltd is a small enterprise deeply involved in DSP research and development, and has amassed a broad portfolio of intellectual property rights covering core Signal Processing algorithms, telecommunication networks, and wireless sensor applications. The company’s DSP intellectual property products are incorporated in systems and processes for modern high-tech industries such as the Communication, Medical, Security, Military and Environmental Monitoring as well as more traditional industries such as Agriculture and Farming.


For the accomplishment of the research objectives the proposed research program will be implemented in seven work packages (WP) as follow:

WP1- Project Management:

The objective of this task is the planning of the project’s activities and the monitoring of the project’s progress. It also includes: the preparation of the Project Plan, and the preparation of the Interim & Final Project Reports.

WP2- Dissemination of Results:

The dissemination of results will be done mainly by publications in journals and presentations to local and international conferences. Also by technical reports so the results and the proposed methodologies are well-understood and are implemented effectively.

WP3- Literature review:

The literature review will initially cover the areas of the main corrosion deterioration mechanisms for infrastructure close to coastal areas and structural strength assessment using different types of data. Furthermore, existing deterioration models used to predict the performance of structures and infrastructures will be analysed. Finally strength criteria and limit states proposed for materials and structural elements will be studied.

WP4-Preparation for SHM testing:

For this project, SHM will be implemented in controlled laboratory conditions and in the field. This WP will focus on the preparation of the test specimens that will be examined in the lab and the selection of the structures that will be used for the field application.

WP5- Performance Prediction Model:

A Model will be developed to predict the future performance and the remaining life of a structural system, by examining the possibility of incorporating and effectively combining monitored data of two different forms. The existing models for structural deterioration are based on assumptions/uncertainties and the primary challenge in the development of the new model will be to introduce variables based on performance characteristics of the structure that can be quantified through real time monitoring. Within this context the continuous updating of the performance prediction model using different types of information will also be investigated using Bayesian updating and other techniques.

WP6- Execution of SHM Activities:

The current study will gather performance data for structural elements/systems in controlled and real environment. The first set of measured data will serve to characterise the initial condition of the system and provide the first performance estimation. For the laboratory testing, subsequent measurements will be performed on specimens which underwent induced known damage. The field test will be used to gather data from a real structure which will contribute in the conditioning of the data that are influenced by ambient conditions. It will also serve as a demonstration case study for the deployment of the WSN which is one of the objectives of the project.

WP7-Development of Computer Program:

A computer program will be developed aiming to help the authorities to take rational decisions for the management of structures and infrastructures, featuring simple and clear execution steps.

People of the research group infrastructure2

Elia A. Tantele

Post – doctoral fellows:
Renos Votsis 2010- to date,

Orestis Marangos 2010- to date,

BEng/MSc/ PhDs students 

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